Chimpanzee Safaris in Tanzania

Chimpanzee SafarisChimpanzees are great apes that are closely related to humans. These intelligent primates live in a variety of environments in Eastern Western and Central Africa. Because of the rapid deforestation of their habitats, chimpanzees are an endangered species.
Chimpanzees are social animals that are active during the day (they are diurnal). They live in small, stable groups (called communities or unit groups) of about 40-60 individuals. Smaller subgroups of 6-7 chimps stay together for a while, with the membership changing over time.
Chimpanzees usually walk using all fours (on the soles of feet and the knuckles of their hands). They can walk upright (when they need to use their arms to carry something), but usually don't. Chimps are also very good at climbing trees, where they spend much of their time, including when they sleep. They can swing from branch to branch in the trees (this is called brachiating).
The life span of Chimpanzees in the wild is about 35 – 40 years and 60 years in the captivity.

Chimpanzee Safaris
Chimpanzee SafarisTanzania offers a unique chimpanzee safaris in its spectacular wild forest habitat at Gombe Stream, Mahale mountains & Rubondo Island National Parks.
Safaris in Tanzania offers a great opportunity to travellers interested in carrying out chimpanzee safaris in Tanzania at Gombe national park and Mahale Mountains in the western part of Tanzania along the shore of lake Tanganyika. We offer different Tanzania Chimpanzee safaris ranging from 3 – 11 days  depends on your budget and time.

A Safari to the Gombe or Mahale National Park where different recognizable chimp families live is simply magical and interesting


Chimpanzee Safari Itinerary

3 days Chimpanzee safari in Gombe National Park. 

4 days Chimpanzee Safari in Gombe

3 days Budget Chimpanzee safari in Gombe National Park.  

4 days Chimpanzee tracking safari in Gombe National Park.